Unit 5: Extending to 3 Dimensions

UNIT five is about describing, representing and using the relationships between two-dimensional and three-dimensional figures to model and solve problems arising in everyday life. Throughout the unit, students examine the relationships between 1-D, 2-D and 3-D geometric representations to determine which ones to apply in describing and modeling situations that are helpful in solving problems. Students study geometric objects by taking cross sections of compound 3-D objects, rotating 2-D figures in space, and analyzing the impact of dimensional changes to measurements, such as perimeter, area, and volume.

Time frame:
4 weeks
Essential Questions: 
  • How are two dimensional and three dimensional objects related to each other?
  • How can we use geometric relationships to model the world and solve problems?
Overall Unit Flow:
Initial Task Developmental Lessons Closure & Assessment
1 lesson 3 weeks (approximately 1 week per big idea) 1 week