More Unit 1 Resources!!!

Happy Thursday, Geo Peeps. I migrated about ten or twelve of the Geometry resources from last year's website to the new one. I saw some VERY cool online interactive tools that are relevant in this unit and beyond, some activities and a few puzzles and added these to the resources tab. I also found a few MARS tasks and lessons that were so specifically aligned that I put them on the main page of the appropriate big idea. Let me know if you have any questions, feedback, concerns, etc. 

If you are doing something great that you want to share, complete this form or email Jen and me directly. More sharing all the time!!!

Geometry Calendar posted

You can access the Geometry calendar of units by clicking here, or going to the Geometry tap and clicking on "Geometry calendar" in the drop down menu. This calendar gives the recommended timeline for each unit. Feel free to email Jennifer at with any questions.

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