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Unit 1 Balanced Assessment Updated

Hi everyone,

In consultation with some teachers from our teacher advisory board for Algebra I, we have (slightly) modified the balanced assessment for unit 1 in Algebra. You can find the updated version where the old version was once linked.

We dropped one question that focused too much on content we felt better placed in Unit 2 and replaced it with a question that supports students in making sense of tables as a representation of functions.


PD agendas for Summer PD for Algebra I

Hi everyone,

In case you need these for submitting your agendas for your per session, here are the agendas from the summer professional development. Note that this is a two day agenda and that it is the same agenda for both August 26th and 27th as well as the following week September 1st and 2nd.



Update to Big Idea 2 of Algebra Unit 1

Just FYI the language of Big Idea 2 for Unit 1 of Algebra 1 was revised slightly to make the evidence of understanding around function notation more explicit.  One sub bullet,

use function notation to represent coordinate points and describe the relationship between the independent and dependent variables

 was added that introduces the use of function notation as another way for students to relate the independent and dependent variables of a function.  One of the questions on the Balanced Assessment for Unit 1 reflects this understanding and sets students up to work quantitatively with function notation in Unit 2.  Email me if you have further questions :)  thanks, Sara   


Algebra I - Microcert course being offered




Instructional Activities for Algebra I Teachers:
 "Connecting Representations" and "Contemplate, then Calculate"

Dates: February 24, 2016 to May 11th, 2016* 
Time: 5:00 to 8:00 p.m.

Register now as space is quite limited!

The focus of the course will be on supporting teachers in understanding and enacting two Instructional Activities developed by Amy Lucenta and Grace Kelemanik at the Boston Teacher Residency, Contemplate then Calculate and Connecting Representations, both of which support students in developing the habits of mind described by the Common Core Standards of Mathematical Practice (SMP) with a focus on SMP 7, Look for and make use of structure.

In Connecting Representations, students are given 3 or 4 pairs of representations they have to match, and then are asked to create one last representation on their own.  In Contemplate then Calculate students are briefly shown a mathematical object which they then use to create a calculation shortcut.  Both activities support developing students’ capacity to discuss mathematical ideas and reflect on their learning.

Together we will practice instructional activities and the use of formative assessment practices.  Participants will have time to prepare, plan, rehearse, and reflect on their enactment of instructional activities.  These practices will be discussed and unpacked, allowing for participants to develop their own formative assessment practices in the context of the mathematics and the instructional activity.

As a result of taking this course, teachers will know and be able to do the following:

  1. Develop their mathematical understanding of the core content of Algebra I (content knowledge)
  2. Develop their understanding of how students typically understand two domains that are frequently tested on the Common Core Algebra I Regents: Reasoning With Equations And Inequalities and Interpreting Functions (knowledge of students and mathematics) 
  3. Develop their use of formative assessment (pedagogical content knowledge)
  4. Plan lessons that utilize repeatable instructional activities which will help develop their core teaching practices (pedagogical content knowledge)

Course Expectations

  • Attend eight 3-hour face-to-face sessions
  • Complete reflections for each session and a cumulative reflection by course end
  • Submit a lesson plan demonstrating understanding of course content and samples of student work by course end
  • Receive coaching and peer feedback on teaching practices with enthusiasm and an open mind

This class will be taught by
David Wees

David is an Instructional Specialist with New Visions for Public Schools, and is responsible for producing inquiry-based curriculum aligned to the Common Core Learning Standards in high school mathematics.  He has taught middle school and high school mathematics and science in New York, London, Bangkok and Vancouver.  He holds a B.Sc. in mathematics, a B.Ed. in secondary mathematics, and an MA in educational technology.

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*Please see the course syllabus for more details on the course.  Meeting location may change.  By registering for a course you agree to our terms & conditions.

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