Unit 5: Quadratic Functions

Students build on their experience with linear and exponential relationships as they investigate quadratic functions. They compare quadratic functions to linear and exponential functions and identify relationships in which the quadratic function is the most appropriate model. Continuing their work with domain and range, students graph quadratic functions and identify key features of the graphs. This includes understanding how different algebraic forms of quadratic functions can be used to identify key features of the graph, such as the roots, the vertex, and whether the function has a maximum or a minimum.

Time frame:
4 weeks
Essential Questions: 
  • How are parabolas used in the real world?
  • How can we find connections between multiple representations?
  • How can we generalize from specific cases to general rules?
Overall Unit Flow:
Initial Task Developmental Lessons Closure & Assessment
1 lesson 3 weeks (approximately 1 week per big idea) 1 week