Unit 1: Modeling with Functions

Unit one is about the descriptive, not the quantitative.   This unit is about seeing relationships between variables in different ways, recognizing that there is a special kind of relationship we call a function, and understanding properties that are special to functions of all different types. The unit studies relationships between different variables and how to represent these in a variety of different ways - especially with graphs and tables (equations are not emphasized until Unit 2). We also introduce unit conversions repeatedly during the the unit so that students come to see converting units as foundational to understanding relationships between different quantities.

Time frame:
5 weeks
Essential Questions: 
  • How can we model real life situations?
  • How can we use multiple representations to make sense of the world?
  • How do we measure change?
Overall Unit Flow:
Initial Task Developmental Lessons Closure & Assessment
1 lesson 4 weeks (approximately 1 week per big idea) 1 week